If you’re wondering what motivates and inspires me then this post is a bit of an insight. This is my entry into the #AusMumpreneur  as a nominee enjoy ✌️
-The category/s you’ve been nominated for: Product Innovation, Making a Difference Award (Business)

-Where do you live?
Gold Coast, Queensland

-Tell us about yourself & your business:
I’m 33 and a mother of 2 girls, 7 & 9y.o. I’ve been a Naturopath for 10 years specialising in women’s health. I’m passionate about natural health and I love helping people to live happy & healthy lives, nothing is more rewarding. In February 2015 I released my own product Fem21, after 12 months of formulating & perfecting it. Fem21 is a side project to my Naturopathic clinical practice, which I still conduct from home. Fem21 is specific for women’s health containing 21 natural ingredients. It helps hormonal imbalances, liver & digestive health, stress & energy levels and systemic alkalising.

-What inspired you to start your business:
I had an inspired moment where I decided to create a product to reach out and help the women that I couldn’t meet in clinic. I felt there were common health issues that ran like themes amongst my clients. I knew that they weren’t alone and I wanted to help.

-What do you love about being a mumpreneur?
I love being able to use my skills as a Naturopath to help people, being a mumpreneur enables me to be the boss lady from home. I can work around my kids going to school, to my own schedule and still be able to help & change peoples lives.

-What has been your greatest challenge & how have you addressed this:
My greatest challenge has been myself! Learning to believe in myself and stay strong. It has been challenging balancing my time, passion and energy in my work with my other roles as a mother, mentor, wife, friend etc. I hate the idea of “cut-throat business” and have decided to never operate this way. I’ve learnt to stay true to my beliefs of success, integrity & my own personality and work in ways that feel good to me. Listening to other people’s advice however constantly turning inwards with meditation and trusting my own intuition has been vital in resolving any challenges.

-What have been your major achievements in the past 12 months:
I feel that everyone I help is a major achievement. From the feedback that I get Fem21 has helped women in so many ways from women with fertility issues getting pregnant, eliminating PMS, stopping hot flushes, clearing up acne, increasing energy, helping to grow back hair when it was all falling out, plus much more. Fem21 is improving the quality of women’s lives and this has such a ripple effect. Also since my first batch was released 18 months ago, every 6 months I’ve doubled my production, which I think is pretty cool ?

-What advice would you give to someone thinking about becoming a mumpreneur?
I think we’re all here for a specific purpose. If we can help contribute to a better world then, I’m all for that! We all have unique skills, values, experience and backgrounds. Knowing how to share this with others takes time to develop. Once you start thinking about becoming a mumpreneur you’re already on the right path. It’s not for the money, trust me, it’s a passion project. However rewards come from doing what you love, contributing, making a difference and being a role model for your children. So they can grow up inspired and supported to do what they love.

-Why do you believe you should win this award?
I fully believe in my product Fem21 and the difference it can make to help women. The reason I entered in this competition was for the potential to grow my business & marketing and essentially share Fem21 with more women. As a self funded start up my growth is limited by the funds that I can put back into my business. With a grant it would allow me to put marketing strategies in place to reach more women, share my message and help women to live optimal happy & healthy lives.

Thank you ❤️ Meah xo

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