Self Care Practises to protect your spirit while dealing with cancer

Note from Meah: “I’m very happy to share this article written by Scott Sanders, although you may not have been expecting to find such an article on this page I still wanted to share it.  Cancer is related to hormonal health, especially hormonally fuelled cancers such as breast, ovarian or uterine.  If you or someone …

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Fertility Smoothie

Try this fertility boosting green smoothie. It’s important in the preconception phase to cleanse the body.  It’s often that I recommend going organic, a gentle cleanse and minimising toxins to improve fertility outcomes in my patients.  Ensuring your body is healthy and nourished prepares you for a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies.  Green smoothies are …

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Hormones 101 – Video Series: Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen Dominance Hormones 101 – Estrogen Dominance. I hope you find this information helpful. Especially for women with, endometriosis, fertility issues, breast that are sore/lumpy/fibrous/cystic, painful periods, heavy periods, clotted periods, pre-menstural irritability, headaches, ovarian cysts, fibroids, low libido.  All these issues can be attributed to an imbalance in estrogen. Thanks for watching! Meah Robertson …

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Green Smoothie

Fem21 Green Smoothie: (freeze ingredients into clip lock bags, 1 for each day of the week) ? Pick one or two ingredients from each category: GREENS: Mixed greens, kale, spinach VEGGIES: Cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, avocado FRUIT: Banana, apple, pear, kiwi, grapes NUTS & SEEDS: Almond meal, hazelnut meal, cashew meal, flaxseed meal, pumpkin seeds, sesame …

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