How and why I created Fem21 a brief background

How and why I created Fem21 a brief background

I formulated Fem21 based on my clinical experience in women’s health as a Naturopath working with herbs and nutritionals. I wanted to recreate what I’d been using in my liquid herbal formulas and nutritional treatment plans in clinic and combine them into the one blend that all women could take. In 2014 over 12 months I researched the equivalent dosages in powdered forms and extracts. After deciding on the ingredients and sampling the formula initially, I then went on to change it/tweak it another x 3 times. When I was 100% happy with it, I then had it tested with x 2 independent labs including SGS Foods and Southern Cross University Plant Sciences for assurance of the active constituents and the nutritional panel. I’m really happy with the quality of the formula and the great results reported from the labs. Fem21 is manufactured on the Gold Coast in Molendinar (only 10 minutes away from where I live) and I’m very involved in the process ensuring quality is maintained with each batch.

My ongoing aim for Fem21 is to reach a growing population of women which are having problems with hormones, detoxification, stress & chronic issues. Ideally I’d like to help as many women as possible come off or avoid the OCP and HRT.  I think that these drugs are doing more harm than good for women, if we can balance our hormones and support our body naturally then I feel in the long run we’re doing our physical and emotional/mental health a big favour.   I am completely confident in the formulation as I can see the difference in my patients, in myself and continually received wonderful feedback from women that it’s making a difference to their lives. At the end of the day this is what makes it so special and worthwhile ❤️

Meah Robertson.

BHSc. (Nat) Adv. Dip (Nat)

-Naturopath & Creator of Fem21.

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