Ladies Up event called: The Power of your Cycle to build your empire by embracing your menstrual cycle. 

This event is on the 22nd of August from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm held at WOTSO Chermside. 

Meah Robertson is on the Panel discussing her journey as a Naturopath and with Fem21 and why it’s important to support women and their health holistically. 

Here is the link to the event:


Women’s Health Workshop – September (date to be confirmed)

Holistic connection of Mind – Body – Environment 

An educational, empowering, healing women’s health workshop. Focused on learning about your body physically, influencers internally & externally, hormones, mind body connection and natural solutions to women’s health issues.

Special Guest Speakers: to be announced
Morning with Meah, Naturopathic Guidance & Education:

– Your amazing body and what it’s trying to tell you through your symptoms.
– Understanding hormones, menstrual cycles, how to smoothly transition month to month and the transitions through major phases in a woman’s life.
– Adrenal health, thyroid, digestion, liver health, immune function, drivers for inflammation, neurotransmitters and how they’re all related.
– Environmental toxins and the affects they have on women’s health.
– Diet and eating well just for you.
– Empowering lifestyle choices

Middle of the day lunch & getting to know one another.

Afternoon with Meah Robertson, Belinda Moore.
– Emotional health, 5 steps to create a strong foundation for emotional health
– The impact of unresolved negative emotions, unconscious blocks, stress, and the mind body connection.
– Exercises for healing including, Guided journaling, Women’s healing circle, breath work and meditation.

Ticket includes: morning & afternoon tea, goodie bags for everyone, and giveaways.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you. 

My goal of this workshop is to educate, inspire and share my knowledge and life experiences, gained throughout my own journey and naturopathic clinical practice. I hope to create a supportive, collaborative environment for women to come together to learn from one another, heal and restore their inner strength. 

Thank you,
Meah Robertson xo.

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