Fem21 on tour, Bula from Fiji ?

Fem21 on tour, Bula from Fiji ?

Bula from Fiji ?, Fem21 & I have been on tour.  I’ve just gotten back from 2 beautiful weeks on holiday with my family.  It was great to have a mid year break and escape the cold winter for some sunshine, warmth, beach life and relaxation.  Fiji is a beautiful place with gorgeous people.  My husband’s mother was born in the capital of Fiji, Suva and come from a long line of German settlers to the islands called the Storcks. We attended a big family reunion with over 150 people coming from all over the world.

I was very happy to easily get my Fem21 through customs so that I could continue on it throughout our travels.  I was very lucky to have no tummy troubles whilst away.  It helped to keep me regular and my energy refreshed each day to handle the extra cocktails ?  I had another easy breezy period whilst away, with no PMS, sore breasts, pain, headaches or breakouts which have plagued me in the past.  I did get some extra bloating which was unusual for me as I’ve been pretty good, I’d probably put that down to the change in food (quantity increase) and my fluid balance being upset from the plane trip.  I was so dehydrated after we arrived, I felt like a shrivelled prune, and I downed 1L of beautiful Fiji water when I got off the plane.  However following our arrival to the airport we had a 5 hour bus trip, which wasn’t much fun when you’re busting! I decided no more water until we had arrived at the hotel in Suva, where I had easy access to the bathroom.  It took me the next 2 days to recover my fluid retention.  After this all good though, lol ? Especially after enjoying some delicious fresh coconut water ?IMG_1306

After having a lovely time away I’m missing my holidays already.  I’m looking at my holiday nails & tan and wondering how long it will last ? However I’m very grateful to return to work in which I love, seeing patients and sharing Fem21 with more & more women.  It’s wonderful to see it’s growth, how women are loving it and getting such great results.  Thank you so much for all your support.


Meah Robertson xo

Naturopath & Creator of Fem21.

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