Fem21 – 1 month supply

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Fem21 is a therapeutic blend specifically for women.

Superfood, greens, herbal fibre drink.  Tastes surprisingly good just with water.
It may assist you or someone you love with hormonal balancing & improving general health.


Fem21 is a therapeutic blend of herbs, superfoods, greens and probiotics formulated specifically for women.  By incorporating Fem21 into your day, you’re supporting your body to naturally heal & rebalance.  You’ll be on the right track for hormonal balance, liver & digestion detoxification, alkalising, energy & healthy metabolism.  You’ll find more info & reviews on our Facebook page so please join us.  Good luck and if you have any questions let me know, I’m happy to help. 💜🌈 Meah Robertson Naturopath – creator of Fem21

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Weight 300 g


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