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The 8th wonder of the world…

I was having hot flushes 40mins apart and night sweats that made it virtually impossible to sleep or rest due to the hormonal imbalances of pre menopause. 

I tried everything from the doctors, except HRT to no avail. Then I saw the advertisement on FB for Fem21 and thought, this is my last resort before having to have HRT. 

Since taking Fem21 my symptoms have disappeared and I’m leading a normal life again.

My husband says that Fem21 is the 8th wonder of the World lol… And I totally agree.  Couldn’t and wouldn’t be with out it. Thank you 

Transitioning off the pill and onto Fem21…

Thank you Meah. I had started taking the Oral contraceptive pill. Two small children and life in general had me in a haze and this was the easiest method for take and forget contraceptives. Two months in, total loss of libido and feeling rather helpless I stopped and have been taking Fem21 for one week now. Even my husband has noticed a HUGE change in me. I am happier, handling stress and testing moments much better, in general it feels like a weight has lifted and I’m free to live the life I choose. How is this possible in one tub of Fem21 I don’t know but it is truly life changing. I can’t wait to see long term benefits if this is the short term. Meah, once again you have helped my body and mind on the path to feeling great. You are a wonderful wonderful woman. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xo


Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for your amazing Fem21.  At the start of my 2nd jar my hot flushes have practically gone.  I feel a slight one come and go each day and that’s it.  The relief of not having these 3-4 times hourly, not sweating the night away and finally sleeping through is indescribable.  Such a blessing of product you have put together.  I will highly recommend it to anyone that has hot flushes and hormonal discomfort. Thank you 


My periods were becoming quite heavy, throbbing pains, I knew I was coming up to Peri-menopause. Fem21 helped so much for my transition, pain reduced, and periods regulated without the heaviness, I’m always recommending your product, I think it’s fantastic, and every woman should give it a try 

PMS resolved…

I am into my second tub of fem 21.. This stuff is amazing!! Usually two weeks before my period i can start to feel the symptoms and by week one they are in full swing. From puffiness, bloating, moody, teary, tired. And the worst sore breasts EVER to the fact that when i take my bra off at night i have to hold them because i am in so much pain… Well i am the happiest chick around at the mo because in four days my period is due, and i have Zero, None, Zilch symptoms what so ever!!!! ???????? I can not believe it.. Please don’t ever stop making this miracle powder.. 

Fertility results…

“Hi meah!! I have some very exciting news!! I’m pregnant after almost 2 years of trying and I have fem21 to thank!! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am I’ve been taking it for just over a month now! The more reading I have done the more I’m sure I had a hormone imbalance I literally had every symptom. After 1 week of fem21 I felt like a different woman and now this!! My 3 year old will finally have a sibling!! I’m not telling anyone yet obviously want to wait just incase as I’m not even due for my period til Tuesday! Once I announce it I’ll be your biggest promotor EVER!! THANKYOU so much you are an angel”.

Clearing up hormonal acne…

Im so sooo happy with my Fem21! I cant wait to catch up with you next week and show you my skin! The change is incredible!

Natural conception after IVF…

Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an amazing product. After needing IVF treatment the past two times I finally got my positive and best of all it was naturally with the help of your product. Thank you so much!


Leads you to a better you…

This has to be a women’s best friend, especially when menopause hits, mind you I first started a while back when I had anxiety and was run down. I felt like i couldn’t climb that mountain, but I’m telling you it works, I was on it then I thought I could go without it…… BUT I did NEED it, learnt the hard way and soon got back on it. DON’T keep procrastinating about trying it.  It’s made with love, makes you carry on and leads you to a better you!  Feel good, be good. mind, body and soul. THANKYOU for helping me.

Fem21 to the rescue…

I have made it really clear on many occasions that I don’t take supplements or endorse them as they have been a complete and utter waste of time for me over the past 6 years and have generally made me feel worse, as I have reacted to the casings, preservatives, yeast, additives and fillers.I have spent a fortune on them and have progressively gotten worse all because the whole time it was my gut I should of been healing so I could absorb the nutrients in the food that I was eating. This week I was at my lowest point. I couldn’t look at myself (hair) without bursting into tears. I was fatigued, in pain and puffing up like a puffer fish which I often do prior to that TOM (time of the month) or when stress impacts my system. I also need to mention that every hair follicle was hurting so much I couldn’t run my fingers through my hair. 

I decided to give FEM21 ago. Hormonal balancing liver and digestive cleansing alkalising greens, sounds good.  Like most women my hormones do play a big part in how I feel, I have had a fatty liver in the past and I have been told to focus on cleansing my liver to heal the gut given that I can’t take probiotics and fermented vege etc due to my yeast intolerance. I also suffer with IBS and diverticulitis.  After all I have been through I am now a self confessed paranoid extremist when it comes to anything with a barcode!  I looked at all the ingredients and it’s all natural, and I thought after all is said and done the alkalising ingredients would never hurt my system given how acidic I was feeling despite my dietary efforts to only eat alkaline foods.

Now the taste and texture is a little hard to swallow so I set myself a challenge for 30 days to come up with a different green smoothie to incorporate FEM 21 into each day.

Within 3 days, the tears had stopped, my fluid had reduced and my pain subsided. And as small as this may sound I could even brush my hair!

I am now loving my abundance of energy and the clearest mind I have had in a very long time……and no PMS!

Thanks Meah Robertson I’m smiling again 

After one month – helping with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

I have almost finished my first month on Fem21 and the results have been amazing……I have experienced a decrease in pain, more energy, less emotional.

I’m functioning at a 4-5 pain level (was a 7-8/10) and my sleep quality has improved.
My cortisol levels seem to have balanced out somewhat too. I am still napping every other day but I seem to be coping with the fatigue much better.  I popped into Flannerys today and asked if they have it. They were so excited and told me all about it….I smiled and then told them of my wonderful experience.  Thanks for all your help.

Cycle regulation…

Hi there! Just wanted to stop by and say a massive thank you!!

I had a pretty big year last year and lost 50kg through diet and exercise which was life changing. One downside to this massive weight loss was that my period stopped about 9 months ago.

All the doctors could tell me was that my hormones had shut down and the only option was to go back on the pill. This wasn’t an option for me as I didn’t want to put my body thought that. Over the last 9 months I have tried everything under the sun to try and get my period back with no luck at all! Last week I was in my local naked food shop at runaway bay and saw fem21 on the bench… I decided to give it a shot thinking why not I have tried everything else out there!

After 4 days of fem21 I am very happy to say that my period has finally come back! Thank you so much! I only wish I had tried your product 9 months ago… It would have saved me a lot of worry and money of trying pretty much everything else on the market!

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